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Here is some free printable Tinkerbell themed Chalkboard art to decorate your home or use for a fairy party. The text in this art was taken from the quote by Peter Pan in the Disney Movie. It says “Faith Trust & Pixie Dust”. My wife is a huge Peter Pan fan and has been nudging me to make this for a while.

This free Tinkerbell fairy art is available in high resolution JPEG format at 12 x 12 inches so you can make a big print if you want. It is styled in various chalk fonts with a silhouette of Tinkerbell and little bits of pixie dust. If you need it to print on 8.5 by 11 standard paper or A4 you can adjust your print settings. In your print settings choose the “scale to fit” or “fit to page” option and you will be on your way to hanging up your free Tinkerbell chalkboard art! You can download your free Tinkerbell chalkboard art below.

FREE Printable Peter Pan Tinkerbell Chalkboard Art

File Size: 5.84 MB
Format: JPEG

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