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FREE Printable Zelda Breath of the Wild Word Art

In our house we have a day called Zelda Day and we celebrate it on the original release date of Zelda 1 for Nintendo. This year we celebrated on the release date of The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In celebration of this amazing game, here is free printable Zelda Breath of the

FREE Printable Legend of Zelda Candy Bar Wrappers

Make sure to take some treats in your adventurers pouch! Here are free regular sized printable Legend of Zelda candy bar wrappers. These free wrappers fit onto 1.55- 1.75 oz Hershey’s bars or similar sized candy bars. These candy bar wrappers have Wind Waker Link from the Legend of Zelda also the Triforce. There are

FREE Printable Legend of Zelda Alphabet Banner Pack

Are you on a quest to find great free decorations for your Legend of Zelda party? Search no further. This free printable Legend of Zelda banner pack has all the letters in the alphabet and some Legend of Zelda spacer sheets. Each letter has Wind Waker Link and a Bokoblin. Just pick the letters and

FREE Printable Legend of Zelda Water Bottle Labels

Make sure to have potions at your Legend of Zelda Party. This free printable Legend of Zelda water bottle label set is in PDF format and will turn your drinks into fun potions like the ones you find on your adventures through Hyrule. This PDF prints 3 different Legend of Zelda water bottle labels, 3

FREE Printable Legend of Zelda Cupcake Toppers

I’ve been a Legend of Zelda fan since it came out in the 1980’s when I was a young boy. Now My kids love playing through the adventures with me. Here are some free printable Legend of Zelda Cupcake toppers. They make a great addition to a video game party or a Legend of Zelda

FREE Printable Legend of Zelda Birthday Invitation

Let’s head over to Hyrule for a party! Here is a free printable Legend of Zelda birthday invitation for your Hylian adventurers. This invitation comes in two different formats to give you flexible options to personalize Zelda party. This Legend of Zelda invitation has a Wind Waker style Link with his sword and shield readied.

TMNT Legend of Zelda Mashup

Here’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The legend of Zelda mashup. I was looking at some artwork of Four Swords Adventures and the four Links coupled with some of the color variations inspired me to do this. I’ve also been watching both new and old TMNT cartoon series with the kids recently and I am

The Legend of Zelda Sailor Midna Statue

Sculpting a Sailor Midna statue was a fun learning experience for me. I was able to learn new skills and techniques through the creative process. This Legend of Zelda Sailor Midna statue is made out of polymer clay, acrylic paint and some electrical components to make LED lights work inside of it. In the past I’ve only made pretty